Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Your Hair Your Crowning Glory

Your hair is your crowing glory so always making sure, your hair is neat/tidy with a touch of glamour is an essential to be being classy and fabulous.

As an African woman I have naturally kinky hair but I relax to straighten it and then it becomes more manageable then I can curl, add weaves or extensions to get the look that I want.

To avoid permanent damage  to your hair due to using relaxers try and use knit relaxers (No-lye crème relaxers) like Dark & Lovely , Gentle Treatment, Olive Oil &  Dr.Miracles etc.  please avoid cup relaxers and they are normally quite harsh on the hair.

I relax my hair every three months so between relaxing sessions I have extensions, weaves or braids on.
Always ensure you steam and have a deep conditioning treatment a least every two weeks this will help avoid breakage and damage to your hair.

As tempting as dying your hair all the various crazy colours you can think of is, I would suggest you try not to as this often leads to breakage as the dye really dries out your hair.

For deep conditioning treatment I use hair cholesterol and hair Mayonnaise mixed with some castor oil this ensures my hair is in tip top condition, relieves dry/itchy scalp and supports new hair growth.

Remember keeping your hair tidy and neat adds a lot to how you are perceived both at work and social gatherings. Having hair styled to shoulder length is really nice and gives a very feminine touch and appeal and guys always notice ladies with long hair. Also adding wearing weaves that have some highlights make you look younger and attractive.

Never go to the office with unkempt hair because instantly you will be perceived as being dirty and people will think if you cannot take the time out to brush and tidy your hair/make your hair then you will not have the time and strength of character to give your best on the job.

If you work in an office ensure your hair style is office appropriate not distracting or too long or too big like a Lion’s mane. Example of office appropriate hair is like that of Olivia pope in scandal.

For that upscale event/dinner that you need to make an impression some hairstyles below on the likes of Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Kim Kardashian will really make you stand out and look glamorous.

There are quite a number of saloons in Lagos, Nigeria, which are really good and are able to give you that polished and high-end look. Examples are Make Me, Down-Town, Bobby’s Signature and Head Masters.

Till next time then be Bold, Classy and Fabulous!!!!!

Ade Toko

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