Sunday, 25 October 2015

From Glasses to Contact lenses in Nigeria

My Pair of Spectacles
Over the summer while on holiday in the UK, I decided to try something new. Push my boundaries and move beyond my comfort zone.
I have been using spectacles since my days in university. I have had fantastic frames and when ordering a new pair just to add a little flare and daintiness I have  them tinted  pink and had anti-scratch .

My spectacles have indeed served me well. I am short-sighted to I need them to drive and pretty much need them also in the cinema to enjoy a film and just generally enjoy life. So my spectacles are a part and parcel of my life and help me be a  productive person through out the day.

The snag is I sometimes feel they can be burdensome. Like am going to a party and after applying my make-up meticulously and tying my Gele (Traditional headgear) then I would have to wear my glasses and then the glasses would leave prints on my face and  makeup.  I just needed something that when I had an event, social engagement or dinner I would not have to wear glasses, really just for occasional use

So I decided to try contact lenses. I booked an appointment with a high street optician to try out contact lenses. First I got had an eye exam thank God I had a clean bill of health. Then  I was shown the different types of contact lenses, because of the harsh weather conditions in Nigeria (the dust and everything in between) I decided I wanted  disposable Daily Contacts  to reduce the  risk of infection and I really did not want to deal with cleaning lenses and contact solution stuff.
Daily Disposables Silicone Hydrogel Clariti-1-Day

 I chose the top of the range daily contact lenses made from  Silicone Hydrogel  which allows more oxygen into the eyes. Quite pricey though but I felt if it was going to be in my eyes it had to be the best quality. A lovely attendant taught me how to insert and remove them. I was blown away I could not believe it I could see clearly without glasses. I was grateful and thankful all at once. Also the attendant informed me I had to build my tolerance level over the week as I was given samples to last for a week which was awesome.
Clariti-1-Day front View

I checked for Daily disposable Silicone hydrogel on Top contact lenses sellers Vision direct website  and bought  Clariti-1-day. They were even better than the one I tried on the high street as they are directly from Copper Vision and not store brand.

So fast forward am back in Nigeria and needed suppliers for my contact lenses I just bought them directly from Vision Direct   and they were shipped to my house in Lagos Nigeria within three days and I did not pay an arm and a leg for shipping cost. I even got a park of free sweets to.
Clariti-1-Day Back View

So now I rock my contact lenses like when I have meeting, big presentations and when I am off to church or a party. I wear them like three times a week for 8 hours a day. I still use my glasses in the evening and when I am at home relaxing so for me it is a combination of both Glasses and contact lenses for my eyes. 

Did I think in my wildest dreams I would ever go the contact lenses route ? No !  as I felt I was too set in my ways. But hey I think at least try something new even if you decide it is not a product for you at least it would be from an informed point of view and would not just be because of fear and timidity.
Hey so what new boundaries have you broken recently I would love to hear from you.
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PS Please note that you should always to you optician for expert advice and for eye health test when considering wearing contact lenses also I have not been given any contact lenses by Cooper vision to review. I just believe they have a fantastic product that suits my needs.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

5 Hygiene tips for the Nigerian woman

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1) Brush Twice daily
   It is very important to maintain good dental hygiene. Brush twice daily in the morning and in the
  evening. Bad breath is a no-no for a woman of class. Get a good tooth brush and use fluoride         toothpaste.
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2) Bath Twice daily

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Apart from bathing in the morning. It is very important to bath not just in the morning with our scotching hot sun you need to take  a bath in the evening to wash away all the sweat and debris of the day. Ensure you armpits are well shaved to prevent body odour this is very important.Also use an anti-antiperspirant to ensure you smell fresh all day. Remember soap and water are a girls best friend.

3. Always wear clean and well-ironed cloths.

Ensure you only wear your clothes are clean and well ironed this goes along way in making you more presentable. Also ensure your under garments are clean and fresh everyday.

4) Neat & Tidy hair

 Always ensure your hair is always well brushed and combed this gives a very put together look and inspires confidence in people as you go about your daily tasks. You come across and being very competent and trust worthy when you are well-groomed.


5) Keep nails clean

 Long dirty nails are a big no-no. Either keep your nails short and clean or medium length and well manicured.Do not bit your nails. It is a bad habit and shows a lack of confidence.

So that's it folks.

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Skin Care Routine using Clinique products under the Nigerian weather

My skin-care journey.I have very oily skin acne -prone skin and because of the incessant break-outs I have developed quite a lot of acne scaring over the years, but I have always covered this up with make-up specifically  Mac concealer  and Liquid foundation. (I find they do a very good job in covering up and giving a flawless look)

I have always wanted to clear the spots but  there are very limited options to clearing acne and dark spots without use of bleaching/toning creams. I did some research online on clearing hyper-pigmentation without using Hydroquinone/Mercury based products and saw some positive reviews about Clinique Even-Better-Clinical-Dark-Spot-Corrector and I said I will give it a go.

Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector

I have always viewed Clinique as very high end which it is I know it is certainly not mainstream. But I thought I might as well give it a try. Retail price in the UK is  42 pounds for a 30ml bottle, for a 100ml bottle this cost 100 pounds click Here for link.

Next challenge can I get it  in Nigeria or do I have to buy and then pay cost of shipping to Nigeria. Then I remembered the Montaigne place at Ikeja city mall stock Clinique products.

Well I paid them a visit and bought a 30ml bottle for N25,000. The beauty rep suggested I also buy Clinique Anti-Blemish-Solutions-Clarifying-Lotion to complement this at a cost N5,000. This retails for 19 pounds for a 200ml bottle click Here for link for the product 

Clinique Anti Blemish Solution
 The rep was really helpful and emphasized the need to use a face cream with SPF 15 to achieve best results and that I should expect to see results in  at least six weeks of continuous usage.

I am to apply the spot corrector every  morning and evening (2-3 pumps) after cleansing with the anti-blemish lotion. So far after three days of use my skin is really a lot softer.

Well I have my fingers crossed with this I will give an update 6 weeks from now which will be mid-November on results.

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 Please note I have not been given this product to review.

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