Sunday, 18 October 2015

5 Hygiene tips for the Nigerian woman

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1) Brush Twice daily
   It is very important to maintain good dental hygiene. Brush twice daily in the morning and in the
  evening. Bad breath is a no-no for a woman of class. Get a good tooth brush and use fluoride         toothpaste.
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2) Bath Twice daily

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Apart from bathing in the morning. It is very important to bath not just in the morning with our scotching hot sun you need to take  a bath in the evening to wash away all the sweat and debris of the day. Ensure you armpits are well shaved to prevent body odour this is very important.Also use an anti-antiperspirant to ensure you smell fresh all day. Remember soap and water are a girls best friend.

3. Always wear clean and well-ironed cloths.

Ensure you only wear your clothes are clean and well ironed this goes along way in making you more presentable. Also ensure your under garments are clean and fresh everyday.

4) Neat & Tidy hair

 Always ensure your hair is always well brushed and combed this gives a very put together look and inspires confidence in people as you go about your daily tasks. You come across and being very competent and trust worthy when you are well-groomed.


5) Keep nails clean

 Long dirty nails are a big no-no. Either keep your nails short and clean or medium length and well manicured.Do not bit your nails. It is a bad habit and shows a lack of confidence.

So that's it folks.

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