Thursday, 12 May 2016

keep it classy !!! 10 essentials things every lady must have in her handbag

Essentials for a Lady's handbag
Hi there,

We are talking about keeping it classy today and everyday.Every thing we do forms an impression in the mind of people we interact with everyday. As a lady you want to project confidence,class and competence in every situation. So our brilliant selves can shine though. Every morning as you head out of the door going about your daily hustle what are the essential things you need to have  in your handbag as a lady to ensure you are always on top of your game and able to present yourself well in all situations ? if you want to know please read on.

These are the essentials  I believe you should have in your handbag before stepping out of the door.

1) Perfumed  Body Spray - This is for when you have just arrived in the parking lot  for that big meeting quickly spray some on your pulse points. Believe you me everyone likes people that smell is endearing. I like this particular  body spray Colour Me is highly perfumed and it does linger on your clothes for quite a while.

Colour me Body spray

2) Hand Sanitizer: By virtue of being out and about you come in contact with some germs i.e. the ATM machine,door knobs etc. Hence you to be able to clean your hands when you do not have access to soap and water for times like this alwways have  handsanitiser within reach. I particularly love the Lovillea gelly cologne for hand and body as it is quite heavily scented and great for instant freshening up. It retails for like N800 in stores in Lagos
Hand/Body Sanitizer
3 & 4 ) Compact Powder, Lip gloss/ Lipstick: This combination is a must in every lady's handbag before you go in for the meeting powder your face and touch up your lips remember you will present yourself well and in a confident manner if you know you look good.

 5) Packed Tissues/napkins : Always have a pack of these at all times when you need to clean dirty chairs, sneeze or dry your hands. Please do not just roll some tissue and put in your bag like most women do ,this is not classy and neither is it hygienic.It should be packed and well presented. A good brand is the  Paloma napkins sold in most supermarkets and stores in Nigeria. They are quite classy too.
Paloma Napkins

6) Portable nail/trimming set - this is in case you need to trim/file your nails unexpectedly or cut a loose thread from your clothes.
Nail Grooming Set

7) Hand Cream - To combat  dryness especially after washing your hands. Also goof to correct dry feet on elbows on the go.
Hand Cream

8) Tampons - For when your period suddenly starts. It is very important to save yourself any form of embarrassment and also a friend might unexpectedly need a tampon too.

9) Paracetamol - Always carry a painkiller in your bag for those times you get a sudden headache.

10) Breath Mints -Always have breath mints in your bags and pop some in your mouth just before going for a meeting and after lunch .

Well that's it folks, is there anything you think should be on the list ,tell me I would be glad to hear from you.



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