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Up the Ante; add a classic red lipstick to your repertoire in looking good in Lagos

Red Lipsticks
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I have always been fascinated with how a red lipstick just makes your face/ features pop and instantly gives you that  glam look and believe me nothing says classic like red lipstick.Maybe it is because red is such a dominant /vibrant colour often associated times with  positive energy,motivation and warmth. Red lipstick gives an instant confidence boost,but apart from red lipstick looking great on you their are added benefits to having red pout everyday.

1) It makes you look younger this assertion comes from a study  by Chanel's R& D division and researchers at the gettysburg college of pennsylavania

2) It could make you more competent at work. This is according to a study Procter & Gamble and Harvard Study. To further collaborate this, scientists at Manchester University carried out a study and found out that red lipstick draws attention to the mouth and most notably from the opposite sex  Read Here hence women that wear red lipstick are listened to more attentively during meetings and presentations which is always a plus in the work place.

3) Red lipstick makes your teeth seem whiter which is a great benefit

4) Red lipstick gives an instant glam look

Red lipstick is so classy and powerful that some people have made it their signature look.

An actress that is known for her signature red lip is Gwen Stefani  and she always looks on fleek and young.

Gwen Stefani

Another celebrity that loves to wear red lipstick is Rita Ora this is what she said about wearing red lipstick.

"Wearing red lipstick,in my opinion is the simplest way to make an impact ,as soon as I slick it in,i feel instantly pulled together,more powerful,more womanly,I wear it almost everyday"
Rita Ora ( Singer)

Rita Ora

Rhinna on red lip tick

Riri in a bold red

Two of my favourite red lipsticks are by Mac: Russian Red and Ruby woo. I am always on point with them.See how they look below

MAC Russian Red 

MAC Russian Red on me
MAC Ruby woo
MAC Rubywoo on me 

In Nigeria with the current exchange rate fluctuations these  retail at ^6000  at the MAC Cosmetic Stores in Nigeria 

I hope you add the classic red lipstick to your repertoire and in the process up your game.

I would love to hear from you.

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