Sunday, 18 December 2016

Put your best foot forward Today and everyday

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Hello There,

We are forever making impressions from the way you walk,talk,write,speak, dress etc we are making impressions.

These impressions could lead to vital connections and life changing encounters.

What can we do everyday to ensure we are prepared for these opportunities.

Well there are several ways of ensuring we put our best foot forward so we meet/embrace and are well prepared for opportunities that come our way.

How can we do this, well keep reading.

1) Wake up early and plan your day. Have a few minutes alone and be thankful/ grateful and plan your day.
2) Have a bath and make yourself presentable. Proper hygiene is key
3) Ensure you eat the good healthy food. Nourish your body from inside, so your body can perform optimally.
4) Sleep well .Treat your body with respect
5) Clear your mind of negativity and always  have positive vibes.Train yourself to think positive thoughts.
6) Have an ever inquisitive mind always learning and growing.
7) Appreciate beauty in every shade and form through your day.

I believe by doing these we can put our best forward everyday.

Have a lovely week ahead.



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