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Secret to clear black skin - Nigeria ; a face towel and liquid cleanser

Face Towels
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I have oily acne prone, after years of trying to clear my skin of acne, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation using both high-end and drug store  products even so called "natural" products  you name it.I have finally found the holy grail and seen results  I have been looking for since I was a teenage girl getting acne for the first time.

I have tried everything,from black soap both the locally made one and Dudu Osun both resulted in severe  and painful boil-like acne which led to black spots that took forever to clear up, to Clear Essence Medicated cleansing bar for acne and oily skin (the one that contains 2% Sulphur) , to Papaya soaps which dried my skin excessively,to using the high-end Clarisonic brush which I bought  in the UK for quite a hefty price tag.

Today  I can boldly say I have found it.I have my Eureka moment. I have entered my rest and I must tell you it is so simple, you will literally kick yourself.

The answer lies in using a simple face towel and a liquid cleanser made for your skin type to wash your face morning and evening.For readers in Nigeria  I mean the ones you can buy in traffic for like ^100 (local Nigerian currency).In the UK you can get the same face towel in Boots or Super Drug.Please note I am not talking about the baby wash cloth.Just the exact one in the picture above and a liquid cleanser that is all you need.

The liquid cleanser I use is  Visibly clear pink Grapefruit wash by Neutrogena and a bottle of this lasts months.

So this is what I do, I wet my face with warm water and moisten my face cloth and use two drops of face cleanser and wash my face.This removes all traces of makeup and also clears/cleans my pores.

Then I rinse with warm water, pat my face dry and then moisturize with Olay complete Day fluid  which I have being using  for six months straight and my skin is unbelievable.Now my makeup goes on smoothly and I look flawless after applying make up.Also my dark spots and hyper-pigmentation are clearing rapidly.I am sure by Xmas, my face will be totally clear.

Olay Complete Day Fluid

I reckon that the mistakes I have been making over the years are :

1) Using soap on my face. Soap is very drying and should not be used on the face, a liquid cleanser is always your best option.
2) using a liquid cleanser but not with a face cloth.This did not give the desired results
3) Using a face cream  that is  comedogenic which just clogged my pores and triggered more  acne. So when looking for a face cream look for creams that say noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic on the label.

So why don't you try this  routine to  help clear up your acne/pimples.I would love to hear from you.
Please drop a line.

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Please note I have not been given any of the products mentioned above to review.All products have been bought by me.

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