Sunday, 27 January 2019

Updated Skin Care Routine for the winter

Pears Oil Control Soap with Lemon Extract
As you well know from my previous post on my skincare routine See Here, I use  both a cream cleanser  and a gel cleanser as part of my double cleansing regime. But I have noticed that this regime is currently  harsh for me, due the inclement UK winter. It stripped my skin and left it dry despite following this with a serum and moisturizer.Because of this, I decided I needed to tweak my skin cleansing routine. I decided I needed something Glycerin base, because Glycerin is a well known  humectant and would cause my skin to retain moisture.

Pears Oil Control Soap-Back

I remember using a well known Glycerin based soap called Pears-oil-control-soap (formulated specifically for oily acne-prone skin) with very good success some years ago while living in Lagos, but then my subsequent purchases of the soap were counterfeit and did not give the desired results.

I decided to try the Pears Oil Clear with Lemon Clear Extract soap  again, this time with the confidence that in the UK, I will be able to purchase the original product.

I bought a bar for 0.72p at Savers  but it is easily available in all major retailers in the UK (Boots, ASDA, Tesco, Superdrug etc.)

My winter cleansing routine is very simple.

I first use unscented baby wipes for my first cleanse, to take off  as much of my makeup as I can. Then for my second cleanse  I wash my face with Pears oil Clear Soap with Lemon Clear Extract Green soap using a face cloth. The soap does have a slight antiseptic smell but nothing too strong or over-powering.

I find that this routine is very gentle on my skin but very effective and I have had no adverse reaction to the soap and it has really cleared my skin and shrank my pores considerably and the soap is quite affordable. Pears Soap is also Non-comedogenic (will not block pores) and Non-Hypo-allergenic (has a decreased tendency to cause an allergic reaction to you skin),which is very important to me as I also have sensitive skin.

I did not break out from using this soap, but while using it, you do have to ensure you exfoliate regularly  as the soap  accelerates skin cell turnover, so if you do not exfoliate you will have a quite a thick layer of dead skin cells. Hence exfoliate at least twice a week to reveal the baby soft skin underneath.

 Have  you tried the Pears Oil Clear  soap with Lemon Extract ? please drop a comment and share your experience.

As always wishing you love and light,


PS this is not an advertisement or sponsored content. All products have been purchased by me.

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