Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Best Green Smoothie Recipe Ever - How to make the perfect Green Smoothie

I have always loved smoothies but I have not ventured into the world of green smoothies because most  are based on spinach leaves and I do not like eating whole baby spinach leaves raw. So I have always skipped them, that is till now and now I am totally hooked on this particular recipe. It is quick ,fast and utterly delicious. I promise you, once you make this you will be totally hooked. I make them like three times a week and it keeps well for a day in the fridge, this recipe makes two glasses. Let's get started

These are the ingredients you need

1)  Two bananas

2)  An apple

3) 1 cup of milk or coconut water (click Here for an easily available brand in the UK or Almond milk  click Here for a popular brand of Almond milk in the UK

4) A handful of baby Spinach

5) The juice of lemon


-Chop your bananas and place into your blender

-Then wash your baby spinach and placed over the chopped bananas

-Peel you apple and chop into small pieces and also place into the blender

-Then add the juice of a lemon (please ensure there are no seeds as this will the smoothie bitter)

- Finally add the milk/coconut water or Almond milk

-Blend together until smooth and enjoy!!!!




I am not a dietitian or Nutritionist.

Kindly contact your Doctor/General practitioner before adding/making any changes to your diet.

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