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20 Posh Baby Names For Girls UK - Elite And Aristocratic Baby Girl Names

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Looking for posh baby names for your beautiful baby girl, that sound regal and upper class, then look no further than the list below

1) Anastasia - Anastasia means resurrection and it is of Greek origin. It will be a fantastic name to give to your baby girl. A famous person named Anastasia is Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

2) Allegra - The name Allegra is of Italian origin and it means joyful or lively. A famous person named Allegra is Allegra Stratton

3) Alexandra - Alexandra is the female form of Alexander which is of Greek origin. It means "defender of man or protector of man. The name Alexandra has long been associated with royalty and noble houses of Europe. The most famous person named Alexandra is the Queen Elizabeth II her birth names are Elizabeth, Alexandra Mary.

4) Octavia - Octavia is a female name of Latin origin which means "eighth" and it sounds very posh.A famous lady bearing the name is American actress Octavia Spencer

5) Josephina - Josephina means God increases and is a derivative of Joseph. It is a perfect name to give your baby girl.A celebrity named Josephina by birth is American comedian and actress Joy Behar

6) Honoria - Honoria is a feminine name of Latin origin which means "honor".It sounds so noble.The most famous lady to bear that name is Justa Grata Honoria who was the older sister of  Roman Emperor Valentinian III

7) Giovanna - Giovanna is a name of Italian origin and means "The Lord is gracious" .It is name for baby girls and sounds very upper class. A famous person to bear this name is Duchess of Brittany

8) Georgiana - Georgiana is a name of English origin and means farmer/merciful. It will name a perfect name of a beautiful little girl. A lady of noble birth with this given name is Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire

9) Tabitha - Tabitha is a name of Aramaic origin and means "Gazelle and Graceful" what a lovely name for a baby girl.A famous actress bearing this name is Tabitha St. Germain

10) Philippa -Philippa is a female name that means "lover of horses" .It is the feminine form of the name Philip. A famous lady of royal birth to bear this name is Philippa of England

11) Tallulah -Tallulah is a name of Native American origin and means "leaping water". It sounds so fresh and posh. A famous person bearing this name is American actress is Tallulah Bankhead

12) Arabella - Arabella is a female name of Latin origin which means "yielding to prayer" and is a beautiful name of a baby girl. A famous person with this name is American philanthropist Arabella Hungtinton

13) Eleanor -Eleanor is an English form of the name Alienor which is of Proven├žal origin. In Greek it means "bright shining one" and is a name frequently used among high nobility. A famous woman bearing Eleanor is the former American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt

14) Letitia - Letitia is a feminine name of Latin origin which means "Joy/Gladness" .It would make a lovely name for your baby girl. A popular lady with this name is American etiquette expert Letitia Baldrige

15) Olympia -Olympia is a name of Greek origin and means "of Mount Olympus" .It sounds very posh. A famous lady bearing this name is Australian actress Olympia Valance

16) Alexis - Alexis is a name of Greek origin and means helper/defender. It sounds very refined. A famous lady with this name is American actress Alexia Knapp

17) Thomasina -Thomasina is the feminine name of the name Thomas ,which means "twin". A famous person with this name is English cook, presenter and writer Thomasina Miers

18) Annabelle - Annabelle is a feminine of English origin. It is derived from the Latin name Anna (which means Grace) and the French word Belle which means beauty. It sounds really upper class. A lady of British aristocracy with this name is Annabel Astor, Viscountess Astor,

19) Lavinia- Lavinia is a feminine name of Latin origin and means "woman of Rome". Italian actress Lavinia Longhi is a popular lady with this name.

20) Ariana - Ariana is a feminine name of Italian origin which means "most holy" .It is a wonderful name. A popular lady with this name is American singer/actress Ariana Grande

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