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Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist 

Hello, thanks very much for reading my review of the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist. I truly appreciate it.

Let's get in to it. I have been looking for a mist or an essence (as some people refer to it) to add to my skincare routine as a way of helping my skin to retain more moisture and to help achieve a glowy and dewy look (not the shinny look) after makeup application. A hydrating mist is also good for mature skin to help retain moisture and get back that dewyness and glow. Read More

There are a lot of mists and essences on the market but I wanted something that works, performs well and was super affordable. After much research I decided to try the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist.

First on price it costs £3.99 for a 150ml bottle. Superdrug are currently doing a buy one get the other half price so I bought two.

Secondly on packing, on my research I had read a lot about the spray mechanism not being very good, so I decanted some in a small spray bottle which was very handy and convenient  for me.

Thirdly on performance, after cleansing my face in the evening, I sprayed it at an  arms length on my face (so I used this as a toner after cleansing before moisturizing).It has such a lovely and uplifting scent as it has Aloe Vera and it is quite soothing. It instantly revitalizes and tones the face, giving a moisture boost with each spray, leave it to dry or you can fan yourself dry and believe me it really does work as my skin was instantly hydrated, after leaving it for a while to dry, I  then applied my moisturizer and I kid you not when I woke up my face was really soft and very hydrated.

 In the morning I do the same thing but I also use it again as a setting spray after applying my makeup, to help my makeup seat well on my skin and also to give a dewy and healthy glow, but make sure to spray it at an arms length and you will be fine. Some people have said it is a great dupe for the Mac Prep + Prime Fix which retails for £22 .

During hot summer days a hydrating mist is also great to have in your hand bag, to help you cool down and also for a quick pick me upSo give it a go you will not regret it. If you are interested in budget skincare products  that actually work then you might want to read my review  on Lacura Q10 Renew Anti-Wrinkle Cream and my review of Fade Out Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

Many thanks again for taking your time to read this.

PS all products have been purchased by me

Yours truly Ade

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