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25 Posh Baby Names For Boys UK - Elite And Aristocratic Baby Boy Names


Baby Boy 

Looking for posh baby names for your beautiful baby boy, that sound regal and upper class, then look no further than the list below;

1) Alexander- Is the Latin variant of the Greek name Alexandros -which means defender of men. A famous person named Alexander is Alexander The Great. It would make a wonderful name for your little boy.

2) Frederick - is a masculine name meaning "peaceful ruler" A famous person with this name is Frederick The Great who was a Prussian king and military ruler.

3) Sebastian- Means venerable or revered and is of Greek origin. A famous ruler who bears this name is Sebastian of Portugal king of Portugal

4) George - Is of Greek origin and means farmer. A lot of great men have been named George. The famous saint Saint George ,the famous composer George Frideric Handel and the first president of America George Washington

5) Henry - Is of German origin and means "ruler of the home" a famous person who bears this name is King Henry VIII of England

6) Quentin - Is a French male given name from the Latin name Quintinus "That means the fifth" A famous person with this name is Quentin Tarantino the American film writer, film director and screenwriter.

7) Edward -Is an English given name which means "wealthy Guardian" A famous person with this name is King Edward I Of England

8) Hugo - Is a masculine name of Germanic origin which means "mind" its English variant is " Hugh" a famous person who bear this name is Hugo Boss the famous fashion designer.

9) Charles- is of German and French origin and means "Freeman" Heir apparent to the British throne is Prince Charles

10) Philip - Is a male given name derived from the Greek name Philippos. Many kings and ruler have had this name including Philip II of Macedon 

11) Dominic -is a male name of Latin origin which means "of the Lord"  and is traditionally given to boys born on a Sunday within the Roman catholic community. There are also a lot of saints named Dominic.

12) Tobias - is a boys name of Greek and Hebrew origin which means" God is good" .The actor Tobey Macguire was born Tobias Macguire.

13) James - Is of English and Hebrew origin and means "supplanter" which is a derivative of the Hebrew name Jacob. It is very popular amongst royalty.

14) Cuthbert- is a male given name of English origin and means "bright, brilliant famous"

15) Hector - is derived from the name Hektor  the legendary trojan champion. It will make a wonderful name for your baby boy

16) Felix - has Latin origins and it means "happy or lucky". Many popes have this name

17) Peregrine - the name has Latin roots and means "one from abroad" it is very aristocratic and upper-class name.

18) Gabriel - is a Hebrew name meaning "God is My strength" and the name of the ever popular Angel Gabriel. It sounds very upper-class

19) Simon- is a name of Hebrew origin meaning "listen". A famous person that bears this name is Simon Cowell the music entrepreneur

20) William - is of German origin and means "strong willed warrior" .A famous person who bears this name is Prince William second in line of succession  to the British throne.

21) Caspian- is a name of English origin which means white. It sounds very posh

22) David- is a common masculine name of Hebrew origin which means "beloved" Most famous bearer of this name is King David of the Bible.

23) Louis - is a name of German and French origin which means "renowned warrior". The Duke of Cambridge named his second son Louis.

24) Theodore - is a masculine name of Greek origin which means "God-Given". It sounds very upper-class.

25) Leonard- is a boys name of German origin meaning "lion" .Winston Churchill was born "Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill"

And there you have it elite and aristocratic baby names for boys, if you are interested in elite and aristocratic names for girls Click Here

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