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Friday, 21 August 2015

Real Techniques Stippling Brush for Liquid Foundation Absolutely Fabulous !!!!!

I have just bought the Real techniques stippling brush from Boots for  10 pounds (that is like N3,000) after hearing a lot of raving reviews about it and I must admit I am totally blown away by it.

It gives a smooth ,silky and pore less finish. A pore less finish was mind blowing to me as I have large pores and this really gave me an air-brushed look and smoothly covered imperfections.

Being able to achieve such a smooth finish without having to hire a makeup artist was awesome !!!!!

For best results and  how to use this brush properly, I have included a video by Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo  one of the creators of the Real techniques brand. So learn from the master herself.

Click Here for more information on the stippling brush from Real techniques

Happy viewing and stay and look fabulous today and everday



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