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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Smelling good all day long. Review of Impulse Perfumed body spray Into Glamour and Instant Crush

Photo Credit:Impulse Fragrances
Every lady wants to smell fresh and sweet all day long. After applying your perfume in the morning as the day passes along especially by afternoon your scent is certainly not as fresh.To tackle this, use perfumed body sprays to freshen-up.They are small,compact  and can easily be carried about in your handbag or in the glove compartment of your car for  your convenience.I find them very useful for afternoon touch-ups especially when you are about to enter an afternoon meeting,or to freshen up after a gym session or an exercise class.

My two favourite perfumed body sprays are Impulse's  Into Glamour  and Instant Crush  perfumed body spray deodorant.They are very feminine fragrances. Into glamour is a  floral fragrance that is quite charming  and  fresh  while the instant crush is very  a fruity and sweet .

Photo Credit:Impulse Fragrances

For maximum impact and results  spray on pulse points (behind you ears ,center of your neck,inner wrist,between your breasts and behind your knees) on your  clothes and your hair (spraying on you hair is very important as your hair holds the scent).

You can also add this as part of your bedtime routine ,use after your night shower or bath and if you have a partner  believe me your partner will be more than  impressed cause you will smell gorgeous

The body sprays  come in 75ml aerosol containers and retails for only a pound and is easily available in Superdrug click  Here for link , Boots click Here  and all major retailers in the UK.

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P.S All products bought by me.

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Ade Toko

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