Thursday, 14 January 2021

Matilda de Angelis Looks Sensational on the set of "Across the river into The Trees"


The Undoing actress Matilda de Angelis looked sensational on the set of world war II era drama Across the river into The Trees". The 25 year old actress was seen shooting scenes with fellow actor Liev Schrieber. Her dressing was French inspired with a lovely red beret and a peachy coloured coat. Continue  here for more photos

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10 Ways To Always Look Polished


Here are 10 ways to always look polished and put together everyday and every time, this will make you not only you look good but also feel good let's dive straight into it 

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Best Green Smoothie Recipe Ever - How to make the perfect Green Smoothie

I have always loved smoothies but I have not ventured into the world of green smoothies because most  are based on spinach leaves and I do not like eating whole baby spinach leaves raw. So I have always skipped them, that is till now and now I am totally hooked on this particular recipe. It is quick ,fast and utterly delicious. I promise you, once you make this you will be totally hooked. I make them like three times a week and it keeps well for a day in the fridge, this recipe makes two glasses. Let's get started

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

How to make value/basic plain flour work like premium/branded flour for baking cakes and pastries

The new season of the Great British Bake Off has just started, so baking season is in full swing. I am sure a lot of us would be baking a lot now and also as we go into the winter months. One thing I have learned though with the amount of baking I do is the difference between using branded  flours like McDougalls or Homepride and Asda/Tesco value/basic brands. I have used both the premium and value brand in my baking and the premium brand do give a light bake every time and the flour is more finely milled. I am sure this is part of why there is such a difference in price.A 1.1kg bag of premium  McDougalls plain flour cost on average £1.50 another premium brand Homepride retails at about £1.50 for 1kg bag  of plain flour.


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